About Us

Blue Spot Ltd. is a company created by people who deal with cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. Based on the experience we have gained while working in other companies, we can now provide you a program with four investment plans that will allow you to earn money every day. Our activities are based on professional market analysis and proven investment signals. We manage our clients' assets very responsibly. In our investments, we use maximum diversification. If you want to start earning today, all you have to do is make a deposit in our company and we'll take care of the rest. Your deposit will be partially paid out every day along with daily profit.

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Our Investment Plans

Choose the best plan for you and start earning right now

  • Beginner

    Min. amount: 0.001 Ƀ
    Max. amount: 0.5 Ƀ

    8% DAILY /20 days
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  • Advanced

    Min. amount: 0.5001 Ƀ
    Max. amount: 2 Ƀ

    10% DAILY /20 days
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  • Professional

    Min. amount: 2.001 Ƀ
    Max. amount: 5 Ƀ

    12% DAILY /30 days
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  • Expert

    Min. amount: 5.001 Ƀ
    Max. amount: 200 Ƀ

    14% DAILY /30 days
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For our Investors, we provide:

  • Instant Withdrawals from 0.0005 Ƀ
  • 24/7 Support (E-mail, Phone, Telegram)
  • EV-SSL Certificate
  • Professional Team of Traders
  • Pro Dedicated Server
  • DDOS Protection

    Affiliate Program

  • 3-Level of Commission
  • Unlimited Earnings
  • No Deposit Required
  • Instant Withdrawals
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Our Live Statistics

Our Live Statistics